A piece that was produced for a workshop and performed by a professional group of musicians at Goldsmiths College, London. A page of the score is featured above.

Piano Pieces

Below are a series of very short piano pieces, performed and recorded by myself: May 2013 Below are 2 performances of one of my ‘beginner’ piano pieces from one of my year 9 students. A simple ‘blues’ piece and performed with a considerable understanding of the genre considering their age. The first piece, ‘Dimple Blues’… Continue reading Piano Pieces

Electroacoustic and Electonica Music

If you would like to hear my electroacoustic and electronica music please go to or visit the demerara records sound cloud page here where you can hear 2 of my tracks as well as some other excellent pieces by some very talented composers. You can here my tracks on this page below:  … Continue reading Electroacoustic and Electonica Music

Toy Box

A small selection of some strange electronica I composed using ‘Propellerheads’ Reason 3 and Logic 7 and 9 All album artwork by Ian Plater. Copyright 2006.  

Bass Lakes

Live improv on the electric bass – lovingly edited afterwards. All album artwork by Ian Plater. Copyright 2006.